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Every asciinema server instance, such as, allows easy sharing of recordings via unique, unguessable recording links.

You can get a share link for a specific recording by clicking on the "Share" button on the recording page. Anyone you give a link to can view the recording.

When a recording link is opened, the look and feel of the player defaults to the settings used by the author on the recording settings page. Many of those can be overriden on a per-link basis by appending additional query parameters (?...) to the link.

For example, below link makes the player start at 25 second mark (t=25), play at 2x speed (speed=2), and use Nord terminal theme (theme=nord):

The list of available parameters, along with their descriptions, is provided below:


Use startAt, or shorter t, to start start the playback at a given time.

Supported formats:

  • 123 (number of seconds)
  • 2:03 (mm:ss)
  • 1:02:03 (hh:mm:ss)

Defaults to 0.


When startAt is specified then autoplay=1 is implied. To prevent the player from starting automatically when startAt parameter is set you have to additionally use autoplay=0.


Use autoplay to control whether the playback should start automatically upon a page load.

Accepted values:

  • 0 / false - don't start the playback automatically (default)
  • 1 / true - start the playback automatically


Use loop to enable looped playback.

Accepted values:

  • 0 / false - disable looped playback (default)
  • 1 / true - enable looped playback


Use speed to alter the playback speed.

Accepts an integer or a float.

For example:

  • 2 (2x faster)
  • 0.5 (2x slower)

Defaults to 1 - original recording speed.


Use idleTimeLimit to optimize away idle moments in a recording.

Accepts an integer or a float, representing a maximum idle time between animation frames.

For example, when set to 2 any inactivity longer than 2 seconds will be "compressed" to 2 seconds.

Defaults to either:

  • "Idle time limit" setting from the recording settings page,
  • idle_time_limit from asciicast header (saved when --idle-time-limit <sec> is used with asciinema rec),
  • no limit if none of the above is present.


Use theme to override a theme used for the player's terminal.

The available themes are:

  • asciinema
  • dracula
  • monokai
  • nord
  • solarized-dark
  • solarized-light
  • tango

Defaults to either:

  • "Terminal theme" from the recording settings page,
  • "asciinema" theme.


Use poster to specify an alternative poster (preview frame) to display in player's terminal until the playback is started.

Currently only NPT ("Normal Play Time") notation is supported.

For example, poster=npt:1:23 will display a preview frame at 1 min 23 sec.

Defaults to either:

  • "Thumbnail frame" from the recording settings page,
  • 50% of the recording duration.


Use cols to override player's terminal width, i.e number of columns.

Defaults to either:

  • "Terminal columns" from the recording settings page,
  • columns saved in the recording file.


Setting cols to a value smaller then the one from the original recording may break the rendering of sessions including "full screen" programs like vim, htop or less. It's usually safe to override cols for recordings containing basic command execution in a shell.


Use rows to override player's terminal height, i.e number of rows.

Defaults to either:

  • "Terminal rows" from the recording settings page,
  • rows saved in the recording file.


The same caveat applies as with the cols option above.

asciinema server implements support for oEmbed, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards. When a recording link is shared on a social network or via a chat application, its preview is presented in a rich form. This includes a preview image, title and author information. It usually links back to your recording page.