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asciinema player

asciinema player is a web player for terminal session recordings.

Unlike typical web video players, which play heavyweight video files (.mp4, .mov), asciinema player plays lightweight terminal session recordings in the text-based asciicast format (.cast), such as those produced by asciinema recorder.

The player is built from the ground up with JavaScript and Rust (WASM), and is available as npm package and a standalone JS bundle.

You can use it on any HTML page - in a project documentation, on a blog, or in a conference talk presentation.

It's as easy as adding a single line of Javascript code to your web page:

AsciinemaPlayer.create('demo.cast', document.getElementById('demo'));

Check out the quick start guide for basic setup overview.

Notable features:

asciinema player is free and open-source software (FOSS). Source code and license available at