asciinema is a suite of tools for recording, replaying, and sharing terminal sessions. It is free and open-source software (FOSS), created by Marcin Kulik.

Its typical use cases include creating tutorials, demonstrating command-line tools, and sharing reproducible bug reports. It focuses on simplicity and interoperability, which makes it a popular choice among computer users working with the command-line, such as developers or system administrators.

  • Learn about the project

    Learn how asciinema works, how to engage with the community, what integrations people have built around the project, and last but not least, how to support the project.

  • Get started

    To get up to speed with asciinema, follow the getting started guide. It's a short, hands-on tutorial, which demonstrates what's possible, and leaves you with a good high-level overview of the tool.

  • Dive deeper

    To get deeper, navigate to the manual, which covers installation, configuration and usage of each asciinema component (CLI, player, server). It also includes the specification of the file format used by asciinema.

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