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asciinema server

asciinema server is a server-side component of the asciinema ecosystem.

It implements a hosting platform for terminal session recordings. This includes an API endpoint for uploading recordings, which is used by the asciinema CLI, and offers a familiar web interface for viewing, browsing, sharing and managing recordings.

The server is built with Elixir language and Phoenix framework, and embeds asciinema's virtual terminal, avt, to perform tasks such as preview generation and recording analysis. is a public asciinema server instance managed by the asciinema team, offering free hosting for terminal recordings, available to everyone. Check to learn more about this instance.

You can easily self-host asciinema server and use the asciinema CLI with your own instance. If you're not comfortable with uploading your terminal sessions to, if your company policy prevents you from doing so, or if you simply prefer self-hosting everything, then asciinema has you covered.

Notable features:

  • hosting of terminal session recordings in asciicast format,
  • perfectly integrated asciinema player for best viewing experience,
  • easy sharing of recordings via secret links,
  • easy embedding of the player, or linking via preview images (SVG),
  • privacy friendly - no tracking, no ads,
  • visibility control for recordings: unlisted (secret) or public,
  • editable recording metadata like title or long description (Markdown),
  • configurable terminal themes and font families,
  • ability to download plain text version (.txt) of a recording.

asciinema server is free and open-source software (FOSS). Source code and license available at