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To stay updated follow on Mastodon. Posts include updates on new releases, development insights, tips & tricks.

When posting about asciinema don't forget to use #asciinema hashtag!

Please don't use Mastodon to report bugs or seek help. Instead use one of the alternatives below (help), or use an issue tracker (bugs).


Join asciinema discussion forum to discuss all things related to asciinema.

If you've created a cool integration, have an idea for a feature, or are seeking help from the community, then this is a good place to start a conversation.


For real-time chat with other asciinema users join the room on the Matrix network. You can use a web client to join the room. Element is a good choice if you're not familiar with Matrix.


Another option for real-time chat is good old IRC. Join #asciinema channel on Libera.Chat. You can use a web client to join the channel.