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Hello there! I'm Marcin Kulik, the lead developer of asciinema project.

I offer consulting services for asciinema project, which bring over a decade of experience in building and refining solutions for terminal session recording, sharing and streaming. Whether you're looking to integrate asciinema into your infrastructure or website, to customize it to suit your specific needs, or to create something new in this space, I'm happy to help.

I work with enterprises, startups and individuals.


Non-exhaustive list of services for asciinema:

With 20 years of professional experience I also help with topics beyond asciinema, e.g:

  • designing efficient binary network protocols tailored towards real-time use-cases and low-latency interactivity,
  • identifying causes of software bloat/slowness, optimizing the heck out of it.

Happy to discuss other topics as well.


A selection of work completed for my clients:

  • WASM-powered session playback - see 4x smaller, 50x faster post.
  • automatic recording and uploading: setting up asciinema recorder on servers, VMs or workstations to automatically record and upload employees' SSH sessions to your asciinema server instance or other storage location. Ideal for training, troubleshooting, and maintaining compliance.
  • session live streaming: like above but with ability to watch sessions in real-time, as they happen. Also great for training and presentations, allowing for immediate feedback and collaboration.
  • full text search: automatic scanning of recorded sessions for undesired content like use of certain command-line tools or accidental exposure of secrets.
  • playback of custom recording formats: extending asciinema player to allow replaying textual or binary log files.
  • SSO for asciinema server: implementing Single Sign-On to ensure secure and convenient access to your asciinema server instance. SAML, Google Workspace, Azure AD, Auth0, and more.
  • CI/CD integration: embedding asciinema recorder in your CI/CD pipeline to make debugging build failures easier. Possible thanks to additional timing information session recording files bring over regular log files.
  • bare-metal optimizations for Elixir/Erlang codebases: identifying slow parts, rewriting them in Rust and integrating as NIFs (Rustler).

Get in touch

Don't hesitate to get in touch. Whether you're interested in a specific service or want to explore customization possibilities, you're invited to start the conversation.

Send email to and we'll take it from there.