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In cases where the regular configuration is not enough, you can build a custom asciinema server image. The server is built with Elixir language and Phoenix framework. While not mainstream, this stack is easy to work with.

Let's take log level as an example. We'll change it from the default :info to more quiet :warning.

Clone the repository

git clone

Create a new branch

git checkout main
git switch -c custom

Make the changes

Edit config/prod.exs file, applying this change:

- config :logger, level: :info
+ config :logger, level: :warning

Then, commit the changes.

Rebuild the image

docker build -t .

Update the image tag

Update the asciinema container image tag to custom:

-   image:
+   image:

Launch the new version

Finally, recreate the stack by running:

docker compose up -d