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Config file

You can configure asciinema by creating config file at $HOME/.config/asciinema/config.

Here's an overview of all available options for each configuration section.


; API server URL, default:
; If you run your own instance of asciinema server then set its address here
; It can also be overriden by setting ASCIINEMA_API_URL environment variable
url =


; Command to record, default: $SHELL
command = /bin/bash -l

; Enable stdin (keyboard) recording, default: no
stdin = yes

; List of environment variables to capture, default: SHELL,TERM

; Limit recorded terminal inactivity to max n seconds, default: off
idle_time_limit = 2

; Answer "yes" to all interactive prompts, default: no
yes = true

; Be quiet, suppress all notices/warnings, default: no
quiet = true

; Define hotkey for pausing recording (suspending capture of output),
; default: C-\ (control + backslash)
pause_key = C-p

; Define hotkey for adding a marker, default: none
add_marker_key = C-x

; Define hotkey prefix key - when defined other recording hotkeys must
; be preceeded by it, default: no prefix
prefix_key = C-a


; Playback speed (can be fractional), default: 1
speed = 2

; Limit replayed terminal inactivity to max n seconds, default: off
idle_time_limit = 1

; Define hotkey for pausing/resuming playback,
; default: space
pause_key = p

; Define hotkey for stepping through playback, a frame at a time,
; default: . (dot)
step_key = s

; Define hotkey for jumping to the next marker,
; default: ]
next_marker_key = m

; Desktop notifications are displayed in several situations, e.g. when
; pausing/resuming the capture of terminal with C-\ keyboard shortcut.

; Should desktop notifications be enabled, default: yes
enabled = no

; Custom notification command
; asciinema automatically detects available desktop notification system
; (notify-send on GNU/Linux, osacript on macOS). Custom command can be
; used if needed.
; When invoked, environment variable $TEXT contains notification text, while
; $ICON_PATH contains path to the asciinema logo image.
command = tmux display-message "$TEXT"

A minimal config file could look like this:

idle_time_limit = 2

Environment variables


Specifies base URL of an asciinema server, used for recording uploads.

Defaults to Can also be set in the config file as api.url.

If you self-host asciinema server then you should set ASCIINEMA_API_URL to its base URL, e.g.


Specifies config directory path.

Defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/asciinema if XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set, otherwise defaults to $HOME/.config/asciinema.


asciinema versions prior to 1.1 used $HOME/.asciinema for the config directory. If you have it there, it's recommended to mv $HOME/.asciinema $HOME/.config/asciinema.